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About Us

How We Got Started

The idea of Samman Seniors was first conceived in a coffee shop where two school friends were discussing their experiences during the pandemic period. It was evident from their discussion that the elders who were living alone, without their children or next-of-kin had been affected the worst. Moreover, their loved ones who were away, could only feel helpless and restless as no matter how hard they tried, they could not reach their elders in time.

Some research followed and it was revealed that at 110 million, India has the second-largest global population of ageing citizens which is expected to grow to 240 million by 2050. A large percentage of this population either lives alone or only with their spouse.

There are some care and support agencies working to help these senior citizens, but almost all of them provided reactive services, i.e. they would offer support only when something goes wrong and they are informed. It was clear that there was a critical need for pro-active support and care for the elders. They had spent their lives raising us, looking after us – and it was time to give them back the care they needed.

Our Mission

To provide international-standard, comprehensive, pro-active elder care services in India at affordable price through a dedicated, compassionate and responsible team combined with new age technology solutions.

Why Us?

Seniors need to be taken care of delicately and consistently. They are at a vulnerable age where their physical and mental health needs as much attention as possible so that they can live safely and happily. At Samman Seniors, we try to provide an all-round healthy and happy lifestyle to our elders, because they totally deserve it.

Regular In-Person Visits

Our dedicated and compassionate caregivers visit each and every member  in-person regularly to check-up on them and assist them in their daily needs.

24 x 7 Health Monitoring

Our high-end digital band constantly records their important health vitals which is manually monitored from our remote control center, 24 x 7.

Pro-Active Medical Support

Slightest irregularity shown in the vitals are picked up by our monitoring team at the control room and our medical emergency team is informed without delay.

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